I’m glad dating feels impossible

dating feels impossible

We’ve all had those thoughts of “no one is ever going to love me” at some point. I usually get overloaded with negativity when it comes to finding love so I’ve said that an awful lot. Dating feels impossible. I think it always has been. The search to find someone who you connect with on […]

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2018 was a weird year


I don’t know about you but this year has flown by for me. Not gonna lie, there’s parts I’m not even sure really happened because 2018 has been a bloody weird year. There’s been a lot of ups and downs, and I feel like I’m at risk of ending this year on a negative note. […]

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A sunrise shoot

sunrise shoot

Sometimes the sunlight shines beauuuuuutifully into my bedroom in the morning. Whenever I have time I like to try and be creative with it. On Sunday I opened my curtains to the lovely sunrise beaming through my nets and casting pretty patterns on my walls. I just knew I had to make the most of […]

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Why I’ve been struggling to blog lately

struggling to blog

It’s been a bit quiet over here for a while now. The time I dedicated to my blog slowly became less when I started my YouTube channel, because I found a new love for filming and editing. But you may or may not have noticed, it wasn’t too busy over on my channel either until recently. […]

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Moonrise Book Review


With all the random posts that go up on this blog, surprisingly not one has ever been a book review. Well, it’s not actually that surprising considering I hadn’t completed a fiction book in about 5 years. I used to never put books down as a teen. I never fell out of love with reading, […]

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i like dogs and music

dogs and music

You know when you find a sentence that sums you up printed on a shirt? Me either, until I saw this one. It was part of the merch on sale at 2000 Trees Festival. I knew I wanted to get something in honour of the trip, but I wasn’t fan of their standard festival merch. […]

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The bus got me thinking


I feel like I talk a lot about how much I do by myself and must come across as a super confident person. I rarely talk about the anxieties I used to have. Maybe because my mind seems to have blocked a lot of it out. Or because I think it makes me too vulnerable. […]

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