better daze ahead

A recent HUGE crush on Dazey LA has left me not checking my bank account. If I don’t know how much is in there, I don’t have to worry about what I’m spending. That’s good logic, I think.

I bought a dress from them about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been stalking the site ever since. There’s so many things I want – basically the whole stock. Sadly I can’t really justify that unless I sell all my clothes and possibly the wardrobe as well, to balance out the spend.

After scrolling for a while, practically drooling over the floral prints and velvet, some graphic tees caught my eye. My wardrobe has been lacking graphic tees, mainly because I hadn’t found any I liked enough to buy.

But I was spoilt with choice with Dazey LA. All designs are inspiring and female empowering. I was so tempted by the “Brave Babe” shirts, but I just don’t suit wearing orange. I also thought I probably don’t need another polo neck just yet.

better daze ahead

better daze ahead

Then the “Better Daze Ahead” tshirt caught my eye. The design instantly stood out. Even though there’s not an awful lot of colour, it just seemed to pop! The font has a “That 70’s Show” vibe to it, which lets be honest, is reason enough to buy it alone.

It’s not just the art though. Out of all the graphic tees, I liked this phrase the most. Even though I moan a hell of a lot, I do my best to be as positive as I possibly can. Once I’ve had my little rant or a good ol’ cry, I then try to find the brighter side of whatever the situation is.

There’s always better daze ahead.

If you know me, you’ll know I love a flare, so with that added on top of the incredible design, of course I was going to get it.

Dazey LA produce slow fashion, meaning all their products are ethically made to reduce waste and have a positive impact on the environment. On top of that, all designs are created by female entrepreneurs so it’s bursting with girl power!

I will admit, items are a little expensive. If you live outside of America like me then shipping will bump the total up too. As the brand practice slow fashion and the clothes are right up my street, I thought it was worth the spend.

better daze ahead

better daze ahead

The process, and the fact it came from the US, does mean that the shirt took a while to get here. I’m currently (not patiently) waiting for that gorgeous, retro inspired dress I mentioned and some cute fluffy earrings from them. Honestly, I can’t wait much longer. I just want to twirl around in that dress for days! I know I won’t shut up about it if it’s as cute as it looks, so expect a post!

It took about 2 weeks for this shirt to get here, but oh my, it’s lovely! It’s super comfy and the details on the design are wonderful. I would have liked it to fit just a tiny bit better, as sometimes I don’t feel my best in clothes that hang off me a little. But on the whole, I like it a lot.

Now I’m going to be annoying, so apologies in advance…

If you fancy getting yourself some off these pretty garms, being kind to the environment and helping me out in the process, grab something from Dazey LA using this link! I’ll get a little bit of commission at no extra cost to you.