So I went to see Cabbage for the 3rd time last Friday. The night started off a little rough but ended up being awesome.

A queue-less gig?

I turned up to the O2 Institute a little late and couldn’t find the gig queue. Typical me. I walked up and down a bit to make sure I wasn’t going completely mad.

In the end asked one of the security guys where I should be, and was let straight in. The people who’d got there at doors opening time had already been let in, leaving a confused Vicky outside. Tip: Don’t turn up to a gig too late.

The first support band had already began their set when I got into the room.

They seem decent when I was stood at the bar, but when I got a little closer, I ended up feeling a bit uncomfortable…

The balaclava clad frontman was stomping his way through the crowd.

It’s good to have an entertaining frontman. (Matty Healy has proven that pretentious is in). But I think there’s a line where it takes over the music. To the point where you’re not really listening, just watching in anticipation of what crazy thing they’ll do next.

Even though they weren’t exactly my cup of tea, they’re clearly doing something right because I don’t think I’ll forget Strange Bones any time soon.

The Blinders filled the second support slot.

The room was nearly full by this time so the atmosphere was lifted. And the band was great.

I even started tapping my foot. My right foot was there, having it’s own little party. I’ll admit I dress like an old man sometimes and I think those matured clothes have started to rub off on my age. But I mean, what’s a clearer sign that the music is good than that?

A little pause for soundcheck later, and Cabbage came on stage to a massive cheer.

They opened with “Kevin”, which I was a little disappointed about because it’s always such a fun ending to a night with Cabbage. Also, it meant that there wasn’t the usual random chants of “KEVIN. KEVIN. KEVIN,” throughout the gig as everyone’s preparing themselves for the final banger. But nevertheless, it got the crowd hyped and ready for the rest of their set.

I wasn’t expecting “Tell Me Lies About Manchester” or “Because You’re Worth It”, but it was good to hear them. “BYWI” got such a great reaction.


When you’ve seen a band live a few times, for me, it can start to feel a bit repetitive. Like, you still enjoy the music, but you don’t get that “first time hearing your favourite song live” buzz. But not with Cabbage. Their energy is so addictive and they sure know how to perform. You feel their passion for politics. They’re not just trying to please people, it feels real.

My highlight of the night has to be “Dinner Lady”. Being my personal favourite anyway, I can’t help but over dramatically sing it. Within the first few seconds, people were being thrown up in the air and surfing to the front. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a line sang as loud as “I had a wank in the quiche”. Amazing.

They played so many tracks, I was trying to figure out what the last song was going to be. I was puzzled. Then I heard the mad riff of “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” – how could I forget?! By this point, I was glad that they opened with “Kevin”. Not surprisingly, the room went off.


I’m now so ready to revisit the pit for Cabbage in August at 110 Above Festival. See what I’m taking to the festival here.