Odd Little Habits of Mine


We all have little things that we can’t help but do. Some are normal habits that I think we all have, but others can be a little strange. Well, I don’t think that I do anything massively weird, but I guess that’s what a weird person would say. However, when I’ve told people some of these […]

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Finally Found The Perfect Lipstick


I love make up. But sometimes I do think I’m a bit boring with it. Always switching between the same 3 or so looks. Okay let’s be honest. I have my favourite colourful look, and then the other styles are just minus the dramatic eyeshadow on days I can’t be bothered. I wish I could […]

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Painfully Poked: My New Tattoo


I recently got my second tattoo and took a completely different approach to the whole process. There was a lot of thought put into what type of design I wanted for my first tattoo, but the actual process was rushed. I got the Buddhist symbol of an unalome as I love their significance of reaching […]

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