We all know that a jacket literally makes or breaks an outfit. There’s some skirts I’ve limited to summer months only because no coat matches them. So now it’s bloody freezing out I was itching to get a new coat that would hopefully match with everything I own.

My old winter coat was starting to look more worn than I liked. I guess that added to the fact that it’s vintage, but I felt it was time for a change. I’m definitely not getting rid of it, purely because of my attachment to it alone, it’s just became my backup coat instead.

I’ve been liking Nasty Gal a lot recently. It’s not one of those brands that I want to own every single thing from (Lazy Oaf on the other hand, give me two of everything). It’s one where you’re just scrolling and then BAM! You see the thing you didn’t know you was looking for, but now it’s love at first sight.

That’s what happened with this coat.

I’d been searching a few sites for a while, found a few I liked but didn’t get that feeling. Until I saw this wonderful half teddy coat half aviator jacket and I was sold.

blurry giggles

I didn’t think this coat would be as warm, being shorter than the one I had, but it’s brilliant. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it, considering I was 100% not thinking about its practicality and just wanted to look cute.

The one tiny issue I have is that the pockets are a bit small. It’s a struggle to fit my phone into them, but that might be a good thing because once I’ve finally managed to squeeze it into the pocket, I can’t be bothered to get it out again. So with the phone being wedged in there or tucked away in my bag, I haven’t been on it as much. Welllll, maybe like 30 minutes less a day, but that’s a start.

Finally, I got something I’m super happy with. It’s so damn cosy and, so far, does go with everything! I mean, look at the vintage dress I paired it with for these photos. If that hasn’t convinced you that this coat will match anything, I’m sorry I can’t do anymore.