colourpop yes! please palette

After having one semi decent eyeshadow palette for nearly 2 years, I finally decided it was about time to invest in a new one.

I’m not a beauty blogger or a makeup expert at all. To be honest, I don’t really know anything “technical” about makeup. I just like to wear it in my own way.

So when it came to trying to decide what palette I was going to get, I had to do a bit of research. And by research I mean scroll through my favourite beauty Instagram accounts and see what they’re using.

A lot of it was out of my budget or full of colours that I would never use. I can’t remember what lead me to ColourPop, but after comparing a few different palettes, I felt that the Yes! Please palette was the best option.

yes! please

So it went in my basket, along with a pretty little nude lipstick.

I knew it was going to take a while for the order to get to me, as it was coming internationally. I actually forgot about it for a few weeks. And then there was a slip through the door saying I had to pay £12.20 to get a parcel.

It wasn’t the usual excitement of coming home to a delivery.

I wasn’t going to get my ColourPop order until I paid a customs fee. Of course I paid it. I wanted my makeup. But I wasn’t too happy about the surprise cost.

One complaints email later and I found out 2 things. 1. ColourPop have awful customer service. 2. Apparently there’s a warning about customs charges at the checkout. I didn’t see this and I’m ~usually~ pretty throughout with online orders. So just be aware if you’re ordering from ColourPop and live in the UK.

yes! please from colourpop

yes! please

On to the actual makeup though.

I created a simple look with both the eyeshadow palette and lipstick as soon as they arrived, which you can see here.

The colours in the Yes! Please palette are beautiful and I’m sure I’ll be able to incorporate each shade into a look somehow. Which is amazing for me.

With every other eyeshadow palette I’ve owned, I’ve only used about 3 colours out of them.

Because of my pale skin and ginger hair I feel the colours I can use are limited. Maybe that’s just my fear, but I can’t say you’ll ever see me with bright purple eyeshadow.

So to have a very auburn themed palette is a blessing. Maybe if you’re like me and don’t like too many colours, this could be the palette for you.

Pigmentation was also something I was strongly looking for in some new eyeshadow, and ColourPop has succeed!! The shades feel much brighter than any others I’ve had before which is beautiful to see. Although I do keep putting too much on because I don’t realise how vibrant the colours are, hah.

yes! please

Most importantly, the Yes! Please palette has allowed me to be more experimental with my makeup. I spoke about wanting to try out more makeup here and now (8 months later) i’m finally getting that goal done.

I used to always wear shimmer eyeshadow, but I started to feel it was too glittery for everyday looks, so then just mostly stuck to using mattes. But the Butter Cake eyeshadow is to die for!! It’s a subtle gold shimmer that blends perfectly. I’ve been lightly dusting that over my lids for a really simple look, but I’ve also been loving pairing it with Big Cocktails for a more fancy look.

So all in all, would I recommend the Yes! Please palette? Well, after the shock of the added fee put me in a sour mood, actually seeing my ColourPop order made me forget about it.

I can’t get enough of these eyeshadows at the minute. I’d also recommend the matte lipstick as that stays on for hours and feels super soft on my lips!