fresh start playlist

Hearing “new year, new me” so much at this time of year makes me a bit sick. I get the premise of it, but if you’re unhappy with something, you should want to change it now. Not wait until a new year to adjust.

But if you are one of those “new me” people, then still fair play for bothering at all. I’m moaning about it but I still don’t always bother to do things I constantly say I will. One thing I have done though is make a little playlist.

I wouldn’t call this playlist an inspiring one to motivate you to go and make all those changes. What I would call it is a random list of songs that make me happy and feel strong (as gross as it sounds) whenever I listen to them.

Whether that’s because it reminds me of a good memory, I can relate to it or just simply love the song THAT much, I always feel a little empowered like I can do all that I want right there and then.

Ergo a the title of “fresh start”.

I hate myself for being this cheesy, but if any of these songs play, you’ll see me dancing around with a stupid grin on my face as I belt out the lyrics. The best way to enjoy music though, right?

I’d have missed a trick if the first track wasn’t Fresh Start Fever by You Me At Six tbf.

There’s more Paramore in the playlist than anything which I’m not ashamed of one bit. Put a bit of Paramore on and it takes me right back to my emo day’s spent watching Kerrang and wishing I could be as cool as Hayley Williams. Minus Kerrang, I still want to be as cool as her.

When a lad upsets you, Girls Like Me by Will Joseph Cook is the one. Cheesy as hell, but the best one to sing along to, realise your worth and forget about the boy.

I had to finish the playlist with Glockenspiel Song by D.I.D. It’s just so much fun. Go out with a bang and all that.

So yeah, I’ve only mentioned a few I put in the fresh start playlist, but all the songs in there make me wanna dance. Which I think is one of the best ways to recover when you feel a bit down. Well, for me anyway.

I just put on some music, sing and dance to my heart’s content and set my then clear head up for a fresh start.