June is nearly over already. Honestly, where the hell has this year gone? I turned 20 last month and now I’m starting to get the “life is running away with me” fear.

But as time is flying, I wanted to start reflecting a little bit on what’s happened, is happening and will happen soon in my life. Wow, that sounded way more confusing than I meant it too. Basically, I just wanna have a little catch up.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with my content throughout June. I’m really excited in the direction I’m taking my videos at the minute, ahh!! I’m also working hard on making my photos better – for both on this blog and the evil step mom, instagram.

But the one thing I’ve been overthinking so damn much is my blog posts.

Trying to figure out a plan for my posts has been a bit of a struggle recently, so I’m really stripping it back.

Hence why I’m just rambling, hah!

This is the first time I’ve sat down to write in so long. I’ve only had the chance to write on my phone on the train to and from work for well over six months now. Obviously it worked for me because I’ve managed to get a decent amount of posts out, but lately I’ve just been too tired (trying to be nice to myself by not saying ‘lazy’) to do it.

However, I have the time to write now because my parents are away for a few days so I have the house to myself. Yes, I’m even without Olive.

With my parents away and me still working 9 – 5, my little pup would’ve been home alone all day and that’s just not fair. I decided to let Olive have her own holiday, so she’s staying in kennels for the next few days. It’s only the first night without her and I’m already missing her.

Crazy dog lady in the making. Or maybe I already am one?

But I won’t lie, it is kinda nice to be alone and chill for a while. So yeah, I’m using my time to be productive. Now currently by writing, but earlier I tidied my room too and sorted out some of my camping stuff.

You may or may not know that I’m going to a festival again this year, but this time I’m going by myself!! At first I was a little freaked out at the thought, but now I can’t frickin’ wait!!

I’ve still got a lot of camping equipment that I’m gonna reuse from when I went to 110 Above, like my backpack, tent etc. but I took way too much stuff last year. I’ve been figuring out other alternatives I can take to make it easier for myself, especially since I’m going alone.

So yeah, this festival is the next ‘big’ thing I have to look forward too and I’m so excited. And even though it’s not a huge event, I also (already) can’t wait for my little Olive to come home either!!

However your June has been, I hope you all have a great July x