king gizz

Three albums in one year. And we’ve not even reached Halloween yet. How is that possible?

Well, I mean the amount of music that most bands write, they could probably put out multiple albums. Or maybe just one with a track list of 35+. But they don’t, because not everything they write is amazing and most of it gets cut. So my question is, how can King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard bring out three albums and have them all sound insane?!

The first was Flying Microtonal Banana which was released in February. It’s a whirlwind of dreamy synth and bold riffs. “Anoxia” or “Nuclear Fusion” have to be my favourite, both for different reasons. The intense riff of “Anoxia” draws me in every time, and I get carried away with the ‘do do do, do do do do’s of “Nuclear Fusion”, to the point where it’s hard to drag me back.

Next was Murder of the Universe. There are so many incredible aspects to this record. From the complexity of the music to the clever story, King Gizz take you on a journey through a mad Sci-Fi world. Each track magically blends into the next and I feel like if they were to play this album in full live, it would be one hell of a ride.

I’ve already said that I think it’s the best album to come out of 2017, and I stick to that. Heck, it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t think anyone could deny the talent it must of took to put it together. To influence emotions and portray the levels of intensity of the “story” through a composition of music and lyrics, while keeping their unique sound. My gosh, I’m still in such awe of this album.

So just after I thought that we’d been blessed with enough King Gizz for this year, surprise!

Now they’ve teamed up with Mild High Club after touring together to create Sketches of Brunswick East. I hadn’t heard of Mild High Club before, but I’m so glad of the discovery now. Low-fi vocals over hazy riffs and strong bass? My favourite music to help me drift away from the world.

This album has a more chill feel than the other efforts from the band this year. Ironically, as I’m not a fan of spiders, “The Spider and Me” is my favourite track. We return to their trademark funky, with a hint of creep, sound with “The Book”. Then the relaxed tone is revived with “Rolling Stoned”. Soft and hazy yet still intriguing, I’m retracting that statement 3 sentences back – this is now my favourite song.

You get a different experience listening to every record, but they all still have their trademark psychedelic vibe. It’s why I love this god damn band.

They’re throwing albums at us left, right and centre. I just hope there’s more music soon. Imagine that.