lunar themed polymer clay earrings

My first themed earring collection is now live on Etsy! It feels like I’ve been working on this project for ages, and that’s because I have haha.

I launched my shop in mid February and have been designing and creating these pairs ever since.

That’s because I wanted to make them as good as I possibly could. I went through a lot of different designs, even made some pairs I wasn’t happy with. But I finally got to this point!

Here are the 3 pairs from my Lunar collection.

Blue Crescent Moon

blue crescent moon lunar stud earrings

Moon Phases

3 circle polymer clay lunar moon phases stud earrings

Lunar Surface

handmade rectangle lunar polymer clay earrings

I wanted my first themed collection to be lunar based because I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. It’s natural beauty of course and what it’s capable of.

Each of these earrings were inspired by different things I love about the moon. My favourite moon to admire is the crescent. The phases of the moon is such an interesting thing to learn about. And I think there’s so much natural beauty in the surface of the moon.

You’ll find these and all of my other handmade earrings right here!!