Thanks, watch. I’m not as boring as I thought

Do you ever think your life is pretty dull? Getting Facebook updates of what your friends are out doing. Scrolling through Twitter and reading about strangers adventures. Opening the Instagram app to see amazing pics of the coolest places. Then you ending up thinking “Wow, I’m boring”. I go through phases of thinking this way. […]

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Superfood at Mama Roux’s


Going to a new venue is always exciting to me. As sad as it sounds, I see it as a little adventure. I love finding new places to go out to near to my home. I eventually get bored of the same thing over and over. And it’s fair to say, my first experience at […]

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Why I love a good co ord

We’re going back to summer with these photos. I’ve been waiting a while to use them, not sure if I should, and I finally thought, why not? I love my braided hair, the setting and the colours in this outfit. Apart from my awful posture and so not subtle sun burnt arms, I love everything […]

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Trying out new skincare products

skincare products

I recently went on a shopping spree of skincare products, and of course with trying new products, I found some I love and some, not so much. That inspired me to write this post, about some of those new products, and some of my old favourites that I tried to find a better replacement for, […]

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I saw The Big Moon live… in a library?

the big moon

When I saw The Big Moon were touring, I knew I had to go. I wouldn’t of said I was their biggest fan, but they’d been one of the bands I’d been hoping to see for a while but just hadn’t got the chance yet. I always think I’m quite lucky where I live. Birmingham […]

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Polka Dots and Flares


Please excuse my blurry hand in the photo above, becauuuuuse I recently put together one of my favourite outfits ever! There’s actually nothing new in this outfit what so ever. Well, the flares are only about a month old, but this wasn’t the first time I’d worn them. I put this look together while I […]

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Photo Diary: Lanzarote Week Two

I’m home! My annual holiday to Lanzarote is over for at least another year. As beautiful as it is, I’m actually hoping to go somewhere different next year. It’s always good to visit new places, so why not, aye? But I can plan future holiday’s later, for now it’s back to Lanzarote! At first I […]

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Odd Little Habits of Mine


We all have little things that we can’t help but do. Some are normal habits that I think we all have, but others can be a little strange. Well, I don’t think that I do anything massively weird, but I guess that’s what a weird person would say. However, when I’ve told people some of these […]

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Photo Diary: Lanzarote Week One


If you follow me on any social media or saw my post about leaving Olive, you’ll know that I’m in Lanzarote!  I’ve been here 4 times now and I never get over how beautiful the island is. I always take many pictures while I’m here, but apart from the odd Insta post, no one really […]

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A Playlist For Long Journeys


Some of you may know that I’m going on holiday soon! It’s super super close now and I’m not prepared at all. Packing has not yet begun, and there’s still a few essentials I need to go shopping for, but one thing I have done is make a playlist for the plane. It’s typical of me […]

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