A Playlist For Long Journeys


Some of you may know that I’m going on holiday soon! It’s super super close now and I’m not prepared at all. Packing has not yet begun, and there’s still a few essentials I need to go shopping for,┬ábut one thing I have done is make a playlist for the plane. It’s typical of me […]

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Styling Black Culottes: Blue Velvet


Culottes have always been a fashion item that I wanted to own, but I was never sure if they’d suit me. Plus, all the ones I’ve considered buying haven’t looked like they would fit in my wardrobe. Not because there’s not enough room (although to be honest, there isn’t much) but their style just hasn’t […]

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Top 5 Moments From 110 Above Festival

110 above festival

If I hadn’t already mentioned it… I went to 110 Above Festival this year. I think I’ve told absolutely everyone what a wonderful weekend I had. But I realised I can never summarise it, so I’m writing this post to talk about my top 5 moments from the festival. Edit: Okay, I struggled with the […]

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Finally Found The Perfect Lipstick


I love make up. But sometimes I do think I’m a bit boring with it. Always switching between the same 3 or so looks. Okay let’s be honest. I have my favourite colourful look, and then the other styles are just minus the dramatic eyeshadow on days I can’t be bothered. I wish I could […]

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110 Above Festival 2017: A Magical Weekend

110 above

The only way to start this post is with a massive thank you to everyone who put on 110 Above 2017. After looking forward to it for months, and being a slight pessimist, I was worried I might be disappointed. But no way. It was better than I imagined. It seemed like it was going […]

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Superfood are “Unstoppable”


Birmingham based band, Superfood, have been experimenting with their sound for the last few years. And it’s certainly paid off.┬áTheir music is more interesting than ever. I have to start with the bass line. Bloody hell. The energy of that bass is so exciting right as soon as it drops. It’s impossible not to bounce. […]

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Painfully Poked: My New Tattoo


I recently got my second tattoo and took a completely different approach to the whole process. There was a lot of thought put into what type of design I wanted for my first tattoo, but the actual process was rushed. I got the Buddhist symbol of an unalome as I love their significance of reaching […]

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