Everyone’s been asking me “you went all the way to Coventry, just for pizza?” I’m not sure why that’s a question really. If pizza isn’t enough to sway you to go somewhere, I don’t know what is.

Fargo Village was holding a STREAT food festival that was focused on pizza. It started at 6pm so I headed there straight after work. After the standard train delays, I got there around 6:30. It was pretty empty when I got there so I had a little wander around to figure the place out.

I was expecting the pizza to be sold by the slice so I could taste basically everything that was on offer without filling up, but unfortunately you had to buy a pretty large one every time.


The first pizza I went for was my favourite toppings, ham and mushroom, from The Wandering Pizza Co stall. All food was made fresh to order so while I waited for it to be cooked, I went to get a drink. All drinks were served inside the Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery & Tap House.

I was that girl to go into a brewery and ask for a ~large~ glass of wine.

There was a bit of a queue so by the time I’d got my drink, my pizza was cooked and getting cold waiting for me.

I quickly carried it and my wine over to The Box, which was an area where everyone could sit inside. It reminded me a bit of a barn but it was really cosy with fairy lights and sofas. There was even a DJ playing some music which helped it feel more relaxed.


Luckily I’m a fan of cold pizza so it still went down perfectly. But I was still hungry after I’d ate it, which when it cost £7, I would’ve expected to be full, hah! Of course I didn’t just go there for one pizza though, so I went and bought The Goat, which consisted of caramelised onions and surprisingly (not) goats cheese.

The onions actually gave it a sweet taste which was contrasted by the cheese, and it worked really well!! It was my favourite out of the two.

it tasted a lot better than it looks, pinky promise

Two slices were left though because, as usual, I overestimated my stomach.

I would’ve liked to have tried a few more of what was available but £7 per pizza is a fair bit for me to have three.

And like I said, my stomach can only take so much.

Other than not eating as much pizza as I wanted, I actually had a really nice time! It was the first time I’d ever been to a street food event and it’s definitely something I’d like to do again!!

These food festivals are held at Fargo on the last Friday of every month. I think next time it’s a variety of curries, which also sound pretty tempting.

Damn, now I’m hungry so it’s probably a good time to stop talking about food.