Some of you may know that I’m going on holiday soon! It’s super super close now and I’m not prepared at all. Packing has not yet begun, and there’s still a few essentials I need to go shopping for,┬ábut one thing I have done is make a playlist for the plane. It’s typical of me really. Spending time listening to music when I should be doing the important things.

And yes, I know the photo is of train tickets, but I have nothing to resemble a plane. So my hoarded train tickets were the best I could do! But I’m sure I’ll listen to this on the train at some point, so we’ll say that the choice of picture is totally fine.

It’s a 4 hour flight to Lanzarote, which isn’t too bad. The issue I have is that I’m a fidget. I can’t sit still. Ever. I like to constantly be doing something. It’s a trait of mine that often annoys my friends.

Here’s a conversation from 110 Above festival. (Did I mention at all that I went?)

“Right, shall we go see who’s playing on the main stage now?”

“Vicky, we just sat down. To eat. Can’t you relax for 5 minutes?”

So when it comes to travelling, I like to give myself many options of things to do. One of those is music.

Here’s the Spotify playlist I’ve made to entertain me while I’m in the air. Honestly, I’ve not tried to create a special theme with it, I’ve just chosen music I love. I’d say it’s a bowl of indie rock, with sprinkles of smoother stuff and the occasional chunk of rock. I’m probably going to keep adding to it as time goes on as I discover new stuff. So who knows, it could be 24 hours long before I know it. At least I’ll be prepared if I get the chance to go Australia one day.



Let me know if one of your favourite songs is on here!