royal blood

I remember when Royal Blood’s first album came out and I had it on repeat for about a year. It was literally like nothing I’d ever heard before, and to come from just 2 people? Amazed isn’t the word.

So yeah, I’ve been a fan for a while, but it actually took me a few weeks to listen to their 2nd record. I wasn’t a huge fan of the single Lights Out so I gave the album a miss for a bit. But when I eventually got bored of everything else I was listening to at the time, I put it on and enjoyed every damn second.

The tour sold out so fast I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t ever going to see them live

Wow, I can be so dramatic.

So my happiness when I got a text asking if I want to go Royal Blood was through the roof. Of course I bloody do.

We got tickets 2 days before the gig, but it was one of those pay first and pick up the tickets on the day situations. A situation that freaks me out a hell of a lot because of everything that could go wrong. Here’s a few scenarios I came up with, for example:

  1. The guy doesn’t turn up
  2. The tickets are fictional. He lures us to meet in some creepy place so he can mug us
  3. When we get to the door with the tickets they’re fake and I pass out of embarrassment and sadness

But as usual, after I’d panicked, everything was completely fine. The fact that it was such a spur of the moment thing made me even more excited. I didn’t have the usual months to wait and use up all my excitement. I found out I was going and then I was there.

We got into the arena midway through Black Honey’s set. They’re a great band, I saw them at 110 Above, but right then food was a must, so I sang along while queuing for a chicken tikka naan instead.

When it was time for Royal Blood, we actually had a really good view considering. We managed to edge closer as the set went on. I’m not usually a fan of venues as large as this one. I just don’t feel like you get the atmosphere as much as in smaller venues.

But ohhhhh no

There was such a buzz. It was incredible.

I was hyped from the excitement in the room and at points just in awe of their talent. 2 people make that music. TWO. Don’t let me get started on Ben Thatcher’s drumming alone. It’s something else.

royal blood

I couldn’t of asked for a better set list. Loose Change was the one I needed to hear (yes I’m serious, needed. I frickin LOVE that song) so my hopes for the night were fulfilled when I heard that bass intro. Honestly though, my highlight was everyone shouting the DUH. DUH DUH DA DUUUH’s to the riff of Figure It Out. I don’t know why those 10 seconds made me giggle so much, but it was fun.

We were so lucky to get tickets at the last minute for just £35 each. To be fair though, I think I would actually consider paying more in the future, if it boiled down to it. Royal Blood are definitely worth the money. Even if you’re not particularly into them but just love live music, I promise you, you will be so impressed.