I think I’ve always been a decent saver. I used to save my pocket money quite well, and that transferred over to when I started work. My parents taught me the value of money so I’ve always made sure I put some to the side.

But recently I decided it was time to crack down on saving for the future. Not just putting the odd tenner away every now and then. Instead, I’m coming up with a plan on how much I want to have saved in a year.

I told myself to put any extra money that I don’t need right now into my savings, instead of spending it on random things that I don’t need.

But it’s happened again…

Every time I say I’m going to save, I end up spending more. It’s like I get tempted by the fact I’ve put a ban on myself, so I have to go against it.

I think it might be a subconscious thing, because I don’t register what I’m doing as I tap my card on the machine. It’s just afterwards that I think “oops”, but in reality it’s a uncensored version.

So from now on, I’m not longer making the statement that I’m going to save. I’m just going to go with the flow of my old, slightly improved, ‘decent’ saving habits.

At least if I don’t try to force myself, I won’t be so tempted to spend and spend and spend…


Do you find putting yourself on a spending ban is too tempting?