I’ve been overthinking my blog lately. Things have been quite hectic recently, with having lots of plans for my birthday and just general life keeping me on my toes. So I haven’t had much time to write, and when I have had time, I just couldn’t be bothered.

There’s been a lot of more “ important ” topics I’ve wanted to cover recently, but with the limited time, I’ve not been able to write the way I want to. Especially on things like going places by myself, because it’s the stuff i really care about!!

So those, shall we say, deeper posts will go out at some point, but are on hold at the minute.

For now, I’m going simpler. Back to the little fashion posts I used to love doing so much!!

I’ve bought quite a few things recently. I say a few but I really mean too frickin much. Honestly though, I’m so in love with all the new clothes I own so I can safely say, I don’t need to go shopping for a while. However, I’m so weak when it comes clothes so I’m avoiding brand social media accounts as much as possible, hah!

But one of the things I ordered online was this cute lil polka dot top from Nobody’s Child.

It’s a crop top, with an elasticated back and 4 buttons to do it up at the front. I love clothes with a buttoned front. I’m not even sure what it is about them, but i think they look so darn cute.

It’s not a secret that I adore patterns too. But one I never really wear is a spot pattern, which is why I had to get this top!! I like to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

Even though I usually like to keep my outfits colourful, I let the spots do the work with this look. I paired the spot top with my vintage velvet skirt, my Vagabond boots and my boater hat from ASOS.

It’s quite a different look for me but one I’m soooo going to wear again. I felt so bloody cute!! And now I’m eager to let more polka dots into my