Going to a new venue is always exciting to me. As sad as it sounds, I see it as a little adventure. I love finding new places to go out to near to my home. I eventually get bored of the same thing over and over. And it’s fair to say, my first experience at Mama Roux’s was a good one.

As soon as I got in, I did a little exploring. Up a small flight of stairs, there’s a balcony where you can choose to stand or sit in a cute little booth. The set up of room is pretty cool – there’s plants and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling, but at the same time it feels really homely.

I decided to go and stand up the barrier of the balcony. I kept having a vision of me dropping my bottle of cider over the railing and causing chaos. It’s not an impossible thought considering how clumsy I am. So that did put me on edge a little bit.

Armed with a fluffy, glowing jacket, Spilt Milk Society came on stage.

I’m pretty sure it was a DIY effort from jacket with fairy lights, but it was a cool way to make an entrance.

Once the jacket came off, their dark indie sound took the spotlight. She Tastes Like Summer was their highlight for me.

my phone didn’t focus lol but at least you can see i wasn’t lying about the jacket

After envisioning me dropping the glass bottle a few more times, I thought it’d probably be best if I went and stood in a spot where this wouldn’t be an issue.

I took a trip to the bar and they’d sold out of the strawberry and pomegranate cider I fell in love with 🙁 so I settled for lime and kiwi 😐 and went over to watch Ivory Wave.

I’d seen them support another band last year at The Sunflower Lounge. Don’t ask me what band, because my memory has been awful lately. But they were even better than I remembered! Suuuuch good 80’s pop vibes.

After I’d danced a bit (completely forgetting to take pics, oops), I decided to go back up and stand on the stairs. At the ripe old age of 19, I’m done with jumping about like a maniac. I’d rather just enjoy the music and throw a few super cool shapes. Even though saying the phrase, “throw a few shapes” isn’t that super cool at all.

Superfood came on stage and opened with Where’s The Bass Amp? which was the perfect one to get everyone bouncing.

Of course they included some of the older tracks in the set, but I wasn’t expecting Bubbles. It’s got one of those punchy riffs that I love every time I hear it, and it was even better to hear it live. 

But even though I love their old stuff, I think Bambino is one of the most unique albums of this year so far. It’s fresh and has been pretty much all I’ve listened to this last month. So when I heard the smooth intro to Raindance, those funky dance moves returned, and I awfully sang my heart out. Maybe enjoying doing the high echos of “waiting” on the chorus a bit too much.

Unstoppable got the only reaction it could – a pit full of sweaty teenagers moshing and surfing the crowd.

My highlight had to be Clo Park. Being a track I usually skip on the album, I was surprised at how bloody good it sounded. Now I think it might just be my new favourite.

The traditional encore pisses me off, we all know they’re coming back. But Superfood managed to make up for it. Once the stage was empty, Wibble Mtn began to play, and shortly after the drummer sat back down and came in just as the beat dropped.

I’m greedy.

I don’t like the music to stop. I like live music, and I’m especially a fan of drumming. So to have the “break” filled with a drum solo, I was a happy gal.

The rest of the band returned to the stage and picked up their instruments, ready to finish the night. They closed with Superfood which of course got a massive singalong.

I was gutted about missing them at Handmade Festival, but now I’m glad this was my first time seeing Superfood. I didn’t have any expectations of how they play as a live band, so I got to relax and enjoy it without comparing.


Go and see Superfood if you get the chance.