Birmingham based band, Superfood, have been experimenting with their sound for the last few years. And it’s certainly paid off.┬áTheir music is more interesting than ever.

I have to start with the bass line. Bloody hell.

The energy of that bass is so exciting right as soon as it drops. It’s impossible not to bounce.

All tracks they’ve released recently have shown that they’re going in a new direction. “I Can’t See” is brilliant, but has a slight different vibe to “Unstoppable”. It’s a little more mellow whereas the new single feels more reckless.

The “edgy” thing to say would be that I prefer their old music, especially as this slightly more electronic sound isn’t what I’m usually into, but I actually really like it. I love watching a band grow into something incredible, and I can sense that here with Superfood.

The anthemic lyrics and bouncy, dub beat will definitely get a crowd going. It’s feel good, makes you feel like anything is possible, and what more could you want? I can imagine it will be on many pre-drinks playlists.

I have a strong feeling this one will go off when played on their tour later this year. Especially in Birmingham. I can’t wait.

Their album “Bambino” is available to preorder now.

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