white tee

If you’re a bit of a loser like me, you’re probably already singing Hey There Delilah. But unfortunately I’m not here to tell you what’s it’s like in New York City.

I’m so sorry, I’m done with the cringey jokes. But come on, with that post title, I had too.

I’m really here to tell you I think the plain white tee is underrated. I absolutely love colours and patterns, but I think it’s good to have a balance in your wardrobe.

To be honest, when paired with something a lil funky, a white tee can actually make the pattern pop. Which is great for when you have something that you want to be the focus point of a look. For me, that’s usually a pair of eye grabbing trousers, like what I’m wearing in the photos (although it’s almost impossible to see them). Then switching trousers to a patterned midi skirt in the summer.

Like I said, I love a bold pattern. I also love being overdressed, so sometimes I’ll wear more than one at once. But (as much as I hate it) there are some occasions where I can’t go as crazily over the top as I’d like.

So for those times when I really want to pull out that glittery dress, bright skirt or styled tights, I put on a white t shirt to make it a tad more casual. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still throw on heeled boots and a cute jacket, but the white tee tones it down just enough.

white tee

white tee

Or on the flip side, I sometimes struggle to find something to match a wilder pattern.

What do I go to whenever that happens? A white tee, ofc.

I actually think the simplicity of them allows you to be more free with your style. You can wear them under dresses, tucked into skirts. And even though they’re simple, you can get so many different variations. Cropped, short or long sleeve, ribbed, oversized. To be fair, you can even be creative with the top itself depending on what style you go for.

The other day I needed one to wear under a dress. Although I have a few different ones, I wanted a specific short sleeved crop one which was in the wash. So that was that. I had to switch outfits because nothing else matched (what a drama queen).

And that’s how this post came about, because then I realised that a lot of the time my saviour is a white shirt. Something so simple, that I’ve even considered boring at times, can have a huge effect on my style choices.

Anyway, as much as I do love a plain white tee, there is only so much I can say about them.

Is there an item of clothing, accessory or whatnot that you think is underrated?