solo trip

I’ve now booked my solo trip to Italy, ahh!! I’m not quite sure if that’s a good or bad “ahh”, because I’m feeling a bit different about the holiday this time.

When I booked my first solo trip, I was full of excitement. Yeah there were some nerves, of course, but mostly I was looking forward to the adventure. Right now (having only sorted it out last night) I’m nervous.

I have a feeling that’s because I had such a wonderful time in Prague, and am worried that this trip won’t live up to that. I’ve already over thought the weekend too much.

Ugh, my brain is a little shit sometimes.

Even though I’m feeling slightly anxious about it, I want to set myself some challenges that I didn’t manage to do when I was in Prague.

Use public transport

There were trams everywhere in Prague but I chose to walk everywhere instead. Mainly because my hotel was in a great spot and, even though it was bloody freezing, I adored just wandering around the streets.

But this time, I’m planning on seeing a different part of Tuscany every day on this trip, which would be a lot of walking lol. So I’m going to have to get the train to make the most of my time in Italy. I get the train to work every day and I’m sure trains can’t be that different abroad, so I should be fine!!

Get more pictures of me

Whether that be selfies or even asking someone to take a photo of me. Apart from the odd few selfies in my hotel room, I didn’t get that many photos of me out and about in the Czech Republic.

This time I want to capture more of me in the travel moments!

solo trip

At the minute, that’s all I can think of. Those are the main 2 things that I want to do different this time. Plus, I don’t want to set myself a thousand challenges months in advance because that will only make me more nervous, haha.

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy so I think it’s just a little overwhelming that ahhh I’m actually making it happen. But I can say I feel more at ease finishing this post than I did when I started it.